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If not us to be concerned about the future of "our house" who? On this blog will find information on what each can and should do to save our Planeta.Conto with your comments, suggestions and complaints to help building this blog and publishes it as possible.

Created April 22, 2012

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Ways of saving light

  • In glazed divisions, make the most of natural light to avoid having to resort to both the artificial lighting: not only is free as more environmentally friendly (no pollution);
  • Use light colors on the inside of your home to the natural and artificial light to be reflected more easily;

  • Do not leave the lights when not needed;

  • Install presence detectors which turn the lights so the rooms are unoccupied;

  • Do not use lamps with excessive power. Select appropriate lighting needs of the site and type of the intended use;

  • In buying a lamp, it is important to choose one that does not have many obstacles to the passage of light, as they require the use of higher wattage bulbs, increasing energy consumption;

  • Handle the lamps whenever the bush, because when you touch the bulb (or tubes) ends up no longer waste with heat darken, causing it to lose some light emission;

  • Keep the bulbs and globes or protectors and clean lamps so that the energy spent is utilized in full. Clean bulbs use less energy;

  • If you think the light is low and needs to be replaced, first try cleaning. The powder that accumulates on the lamps reduces the light that they emit, giving the idea that they are no longer functioning properly.

  • Use tubular fluorescent lamps which necessites light for many hours, such as in the kitchen.
  • Before selecting a compact fluorescent lamp or LED, make sure this is the right to replace the existing lighting.

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